Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"L" Eccentricities

While I still attended Catholic school I often babysat for the darling girls whom inhabited this house. Their father, Mr. E, was my english teacher. I'm not exactly sure that babysitting for them so often didn't garuntee me an A in his class. English was always my strong suit anyways. Regardless, I've felt both hesitantly guilty and proud of the possibly likely grade manipulation ever since. All of the three girls had names beginning with "L", Lindsey, Lauren, and baby Lilly. This is a trend not uncommon in families, but nonetheless, strikes me as an eccentric choice. Lindsey was my favorite, she about five at the time and was sprightly, often doing choreographed dances for me in her silk pajamas to the Backstreet Boys, with an intensity and feverishness that could make even the most sagely of oracles uncomfortable. Their mother also worked for the school, as a cheerleading instructor and dance coach. A few years after I retired from babysitting I heard that Colleen, the mother, had divorced Mr. E and he had lost his job due to some apparently unsightly advances at a few young female students. He also, apparently, gave them cigarettes, which I heard was his primary offense.

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