Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Confirmed Bachelorettes

This house is located directly across the street from my mother's house. Every member of my family has backed out of our driveway and into the fence in their front yard. I can assure you it does not take much acceleration of demolish a wooden fence. Two women live in this house and have since before I can remember. Again, I don't recall their names, or faces even. I do remember their lovely dog Rosie, who passed a few years ago. Rosie was a collie, and like any child I often imagined her to be Lassie. My brother, Juan Pedro and I would run up and down the fence with Rosie feeding her treats left over from our hot dog lunches and hot dish dinners on the sly. Most of my memories of this house evolve around my love for Rosie. I used to sit on the opposite side of the fence from Rosie and just burry my fingers in her hair while she slept in the sun. As a child I simply couldn't fathom the texture of her fur unless I was touching it. I always assumed the two women were sisters. It has only been in the last few years I've come to realize they are lesbian lovers.

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Clark Blue said...

This blog brings back memories of THE VIRGIN SUICIDES - both the book and film versions. It sort of opens the door to my own childhood too, which is nice.